Imagination Dead Imagine ( By Samuel Beckett ) part 1:

No trace anywhere of life,you say,path,no difficulty there,imagination not dead yet,yes,dead,good,imagination dead imagine.Islands,waters,azure,verdure,one glimpse and vanished,endlessly,omit. Till all white in the three feet,three feet from ground to summit of the vault.Two diameteres at right angles AB CD divide the white ground into two semicircles ACB BDA.Lying on the ground two white bodies,each in its semicircle.White too the vault and the round wall eighteen inches high from which it springs.Go back in,rap,solid throuhout,a ring asin the imagination the ring of bone.The light that makes all so white no visible source,all shines with the same white shine,ground,wall,vault,bodies,no shadow.Strong heat,surfaces hot but not burning to the touch,bodies sweating.Go back out,move back,the little fabric vanishes,ascend,it vanishes,all white in the whiteness,descend,go back in.Emptiness,silence,heat,whiteness,wait,the light goes down,all grow dark to gether,ground,wall,vault,bodies,say twenty seconds,all the greys,the light goes out,all vanishes.At the same time the temperature goes down,to reach its minimum,say freezing-point,at the same instant that the black is reached,which may seem strange.Wait,more or less long,light and heat come back,all grows white and hot together,ground,wall,vault,bodies,say twenty seconds,all the greys,till the initial level is reached whence the fall began.More or less long,for there may intervene,experience shows,between end of fall and beginning of rise,pauses of varying length,from the fraction of the second to what would have seemed,in other times,other places,an eternity..(to be continued)


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